The Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming 2019

By | February 21, 2020

The Best Mouse Brands for Work and Gaming 2019

Mouse or “mouse” is one of the computer accessories whose existence is needed. From time to time mouse technology continues to experience development so that users get the best experience with it.
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Now many users are starting to switch to wireless mouse, aka wireless. The best mouse brands in the world generally come from high-tech countries, both from Asia, America and Europe. They make mice for various purposes, especially for work and play games.

No need to go far away to go abroad to buy these sophisticated mice because we can already buy them in Indonesia. In the following we will discuss information about the best mouse brands from various countries in the world. Let’s just check right below and find out whether the brand of mouse you are using is on this list or not.


Who here doesn’t recognize the Logitech brand? This is a leading company from mainland Europe that manufactures various computer equipment, such as keyboards, web cameras, microphones and of course the mouse. Logitech is not a foreign brand among gadget lovers in the world, including in Indonesia.

The mouse product with the Logitech brand often gets many positive responses because what it offers always understands user needs. They make various types of mice such as classic mouse, wireless mouse, mouse without sound, and so on using world-class technologies.

Not just stopping there, as a high-end brand, Logitech designs their mouse products with a cool, comfortable grip, and pleasing appearance. The point is the Logitech mouse might not disappoint you. How about the price? As the saying goes “there is price there is quality”, Logitech mice are sold at varying prices.

Some people might consider it quite expensive, but the value you pay is very much in accordance with the quality it carries. Buy a Logitech mouse at Bukalapak here.


You must already know this brand well. If you read this article through a computer, you are certain to be using one of Microsoft’s products, namely Microsoft Windows.

Not only making software, Microsoft also makes various kinds of sophisticated hardware, including a computer mouse. As a very well-known technology brand, Microsoft mouse products are often recommended by many people to have.

Besides being sophisticated, the mouse from the brand always offers a cool, modern, and futuristic design. One example is the Microsoft Arc Mouse (pictured above) which is sold at Rp. 1 million! Microsoft also has other mouse products that are sold at affordable prices, such as the Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse and Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850. Both are priced around Rp 200 thousand. Expensive? What you will get is a cool and classy mouse product! Buy a Microsoft mouse via Bukalapak here.


Famous as a high-end brand, mouse products made by Apple are also well-liked by people in the world, especially by Mac computer users. You must think that Apple mice are sold at high prices, right? Relax, that’s not wrong.

Apple’s already well-known premium brand is certainly very influential on the selling prices of their high-quality products. Magic Mouse 2, for example, you have to get the item with a fairly expensive price, which is around Rp 1.5 million! Imagine for a mouse you have to pay that much. But this is not just a matter of style.

Apple lovers must have felt how sophisticated technology is on every Apple product they buy. If you have a lot of money it doesn’t hurt to buy one of them, including their cool mouse. Buy an Apple mouse at Bukalapak here.

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