The Best Camera 2019

By | February 21, 2020

The Best Camera 2019

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At the end of 2019, as usual, we will list the best cameras of the year, for each class. The selection of the best camera is based on two categories namely the best features, enhancements or useful innovations; and the second category is more to the best buy or the most balanced product between the selling price and its specifications.

Entry level

In the beginner group, or commonly called entry level, each product is designed for ease of use and a more affordable price. Because technology continues to improve, the good news in the beginner class is that even modern cameras already have very interesting features, for example the Canon EOS M200 can already record 4K videos, the Fuji X-A7 already has 425 PDAF points, and so on.

Beginner cameras made in 2019 are the Canon EOS M200 (APS-C), FujiFilm X-A7 (APS-C), Sony A6100 (APS-C), Olympus E-PL10 (M43) and Canon 200D mkII (DSLR APS- C).

Of all the options available, we have named the Fuji XA7 the best entry level camera because of the implementation of a large 3.5-inch touch screen 16: 9 aspect ratio and a luxurious focal point for beginner camera sizes. In addition, we choose the Canon EOS M200 as the best buy beginner camera that is easy to use, simple but functional and the results of the video image are no doubt.


With a price range of 10-20 million, camera enthusiasts are made to satisfy amateur photo hobbyists who are looking for cameras with more features than just beginners. The characteristics of the camera in this class are having higher specifications, more complete control, a more solid body and can be used also by semi-professional photographers.

The enthusiast cameras made in 2019 are the Canon EOS 90D (APS-C DSLR), Sony A6400-A6600 (APS-C), Canon EOS RP (full frame), Nikon Z50 (APS-C), Olympus E-M5 Mk- III (M43), Panasonic Lumix G95 (M43) and FujiFilm X-T30 (APS-C).

From the options above, we selected the Sony A6600 as the best enthusiast camera thanks to its auto focus, Steadyshot and large battery. But with the price a little above, we can also get a Canon EOS RP whose sensor is full-frame, so that we will certify the EOS RP as the best buy enthusiast camera.

The professional camera segment used to not have many choices, but now a growing trend of manufacturers more to make high-end professional cameras in order to distance themselves from the onslaught of smartphones. Moreover, professional photographers today are more demanding cameras that are able to do extreme things such as very fast, very high resolution or even sensors larger than full frame.

Some professional cameras launched this year are Sony A7R mk-IV (full frame), Sony A9 mk-II (full frame), Olympus E-M1X (M43), Panasonic Lumix S1-S1R-S1H (full frame) trio, FujiFilm GFX100 (medium format), FujiFIlm X-Pro3 (APS-C).

The best 2019 professional camera in our opinion is the Fuji GFX100 thanks to a 100MP medium format sensor equipped with PDAF and shift stabilizer sensors, in a relatively compact mirrorless package but still has integrated vertical grip. If the price is too high, professionals can look at the Lumix S1R which we position as the best buy camera that gives a solid body (weathersealed, lots of wheel-button-levers, dual slot memory, large battery), 47MP full frame sensor and high performance.

Honorable Mention: As a bonus, we chose Sigma FP, a 24 MP full frame mirrorless camera whose dimensions are small and modular, with a dustproof and splash resistant design. Using L-mount, Sigma FP even relies entirely on electronic shutter. Its video capabilities are also interesting with 12bit CinemaDNG which is liked by professionals.

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