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This work proposes a security aware computational grid scheduling model, which schedules the tasks taking into account both kinds of heterogeneities. This paper evaluates 12 representative heuristics for dependent job scheduling under one set of common assumptions. The components of the DAG simulator are also presented in this paper. Simulations were carried out under ideal as well as realistic environments, using least square technique with four antennas at transmitter side and variable receive antennas. For each provider, it employs sequential pattern mining techniques, which adapts to the characteristics of memory page access sequences, on locating useful memory pages for prefetching. A-AODV advanced ad hoc on demand distance vector has been compared with AODV in grid environment. Proceedings. However, once the replication decision is issued, the popularity of the files is changed and may have already impacted access latency and resource usage. ISSN (printed): 1740-0562. The worst are dropped, while the fittest chromosomes of the current generation are mated with the average fit chromosomes of the previous generation to produce off-spring. The authors implement an experimental distributed computing application for bioinformatics, consisting of basic high-performance computing environments Grid and PC Cluster systems, multiple interfaces at user portals that provide useful graphical interfaces to enable biologists to benefit directly from the use of high-performance technology, and a translation tool for converting biology data into XML format. The proposed strategy has shown superb performance in terms of mean job time and effective network usage compared with the other two replication strategies, LRU and Economic under OptorSim simulation environment. The required minimum number of bypass links for a network depends on the number of links forming a rearrangement chain. Rispetto allo storico Journal Impact, l'Journal Impact 2018 di International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing è cresciuto del 68.89 %.Il quartile del fattore di impatto di International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing … Journal Impact 2018 di International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing è 1.520 (Ultimi dati nel 2019). Appropriate experiments have been undertaken through a case study by simulating the proposed architecture and evaluating results. The proposed method uses a dynamic grid area that solves the ping-pong problem between grids. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, Volume 19, No. 293–307 ... grid points, but … Information services play a crucial role in grid computing environments in that the state information of a grid system can be used to facilitate the discovery of resources and services available to meet user requirements and help tune the performance of the grid. People also search for: IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, npj Quantum Information, IEEE Network, more. In a Green Cloud environment, the goal is to consolidate multiple applications onto virtual machines associated by fewer servers, and reduce cost and complexity, increase agility, and lower power and cooling costs. This paper presents simulation results for various input loads, demonstrating the tradeoffs involved. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing. international journal of grid and high performance computing. However, the prediction of widespread adoption of grid technology has not materialized, while cloud technology is increasingly gaining acceptance. Most of the application-oriented research in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks has been in remote monitoring, including environmental, building automation, and security. Description The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, API, economy, education, services, algorithms, collaboration, impact, instrumentation, security, portals, trends, challenges, models, work flow management, wireless systems, and high performance … They have verified the effectiveness of the proposed method through trace-driven simulations. The authors implement parallel neural network algorithms on both shared memory architecture using OpenMP and distributed memory architecture using MPI and analyze the performance of those algorithms. In a grid computing, task execution time is dependent on the machine to which it is assigned and task precedence constraints represented by a directed acyclic graph. This paper proposes a novel computing paradigm to provide fault tolerance for numerical algorithms. Data provided are for informational purposes only. This paper introduces the closure problem and describes the design and implementation of a parallel and distributed closure prototype system running in an enterprise grid. The described solutions are not limited to a special network grid ordering, and can be used in every hierarchical ordering like GLS if the ordering can be mappable on these methods. These challenges arise due the added complexities of the wireless grid such as the limited power of the mobile devices, the limited bandwidth (including partial connectivity), and the increased dynamic nature of the interactions involved. The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, API, economy, education, services, algorithms, collaboration, impact, instrumentation, security, portals, trends, challenges, … After that records in each block are analyzed against one and another. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Multipath fading is inherent in wireless communication systems. ISSN: 1938-0267 1938-0259. Though grid scheduler considers the computational heterogeneity while making scheduling decisions, little is done to address their security heterogeneity. The objective of this paper is to implement and evaluate a cluster computing environment by clustering idle PCs (personal computer) with Diskless slave nodes on campuses in order to obtain the effectiveness of the largest computer potency. The model schedules a modular job to those resources that suit the job requirements in terms of resources while offering the most reliable environment. International License. geographically distributed collaboration. An accurate and reliable computer simulation system can help practical experiments greatly. By giving such an overview we aim at better understanding the role of supercomputers and Grids and their interaction. Q1 (green) comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 (yellow) the second highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and Q4 (red) the lowest values. This article presents new scheduling algorithms using complex job behavior descriptions that allow estimating job completion times more precisely thus improving scheduling decisions. Calls for Papers (special): International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) 3, Summer 2005, pp. The network further serves effectively as a maintenance and diagnostic system that is used to manage the plant and conserve energy in a process plant. OptorSim is used to evaluate the performance of this dynamic replication strategy. 93 Achieving Real-Time in Distributed Computing: From Grids to Clouds Seifedine N. Kadry, American University of the Middle East, Egaila, Kuwait Table of Contents January-March 2014, Vol. In this article, a job-scheduling model for a computational grid with the objective of minimizing the turnaround time using genetic algorithm is proposed. IJGHPC stands for International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing. This can be managed either through static geographical partitioning on the basis of the assumption that players in one region do not see/interact with players in other regions, or behavioural modelling based on players' behaviours. Knowing the risks of Cloud solutions, companies can execute well-informed decisions on going into the Cloud and build their Cloud solutions in a secure way, relying on a robust e-trust relationship. Saleh, Mansoura University, Egypt Majority of the shared resources belong to memory hierarchy sub-system of the processors such as last level caches, prefetchers and memory buses. The results indicate that the proposed adaptive processor allocation policies can further improve the system performance of a heterogeneous computational grid significantly. Volume 8, Issue 2. As a case study, the author presents the DEISA Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications and describes its DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative DECI for porting and running scientific grand challenge applications. However, the heterogeneity of grid resources adds some challenges to the work of job scheduling, especially when jobs have dependencies which can be represented as Direct Acyclic Graphs DAGs. Furthermore, as a study case, Google App Engine Platform is assessed based on ISO/IEC 27002 and OWASP Top 10 Risk List in this paper. ... international journal of grid and high performance computing related issn: 1938-0267 country: united states. IJGHPC means International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing IJGHPC is the abbreviation for International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing 3, Fall 2008, pp. One problem critical to the effective utilization of P2P Grids is the efficient scheduling of jobs. Data Grid is an infrastructure that manages huge amount of data files, and provides intensive computational resources across Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN), 2010 International Conference on, Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 10th International Conference, ICA3PP 2010, Busan, Korea, May 21-23, 2010. Impact of optimal packet size on average number of retransmission and total energy expenditure is analyzed for each delivery scheme. 8, No. Through comparing various aspects of performance, including performance of Switch, Swap, this paper is attempted to find out the best Cluster environment in computer classroom at school. Several position-based routing protocols have been developed for mobile ad hoc networks. This paper presents an enhanced one-pass AKA procedure that eliminates the repeated steps without affecting the security level, in addition it reduces the Denial of Service DoS attacks. The authors' definition of infinite storage as the user is able to mount file systems as a single logical drive. Our method uses bypass path(s) for designing the repackable network to maintain path continuity while at repacking. Task scheduling in heterogeneous parallel and distributed computing environment is a challenging problem. Management of areas of interest field of vision is discussed, which reduces processing load dramatically by updating players only with those events that occur within their area of interest. The set of journals have been ranked according to their SJR and divided into four equal groups, four quartiles. Grid computing have received a significant and sustained research interest in terms of designing and deploying large scale and high performance computational in e-Science and businesses. This paper examines improvement in BER with reference to a number of receive antennas. Learn more Record linkage problem is also referred to as the entity resolution or record recognition problem. In this paper, the overall execution time (schedule length) of the tasks is reduced using task duplication on top of the Critical-Path-On-a-Processor (CPOP) algorithm. The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure, this Grid will connect the nation’s computers, databases, instruments, and people in a seamless web of computing and distributed intelligence, which can be used in an on- Deterministic algorithms exploit the rearrangeability property of Bene?s networks to ensure a zero blocking probability for unicast connections, at the expense of extensive computation. However, companies see security as a major concern in migrating to the Cloud. The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, … To facilitate performance evaluation, a DAG simulator is implemented which provides a set of tools for DAG job configuration, execution, and monitoring. and personal applications call logs, contacts, email, calendar, and so forth to be harnessed for multiple purposes. As an innovative grid computing technique for sharing the distributed memory resources in a high-speed wide-area network, RAM Grid exploits the distributed computing nodes, and provides remote memory for the usernodes which are short of memory. This paper proposes an adaptive unicast routing algorithm for large scale symmetric networks comprising 2 × 2 switch elements such as Bene?s networks. The paper is twofold: It shows how to parallelize a sequential program for a multicore CPU which participates in the computation; and it demonstrates the effort for launching multiple instances of the solutions for the mathematical problem with the BonjourGrid middleware.

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