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please I was diagnosed with gas in my gallbladder (emphamatous) this has been causing pains on my shoulder and upper back coming to my plank area just under my breast.it pain is sometimes a burning sensation. Is bitter leaf helpful? In fact I got it at the right time. Ganoderma is a herb which aids the liver function and boosts the immunity. You can get a tincture of it. What herb can be taken to eliminate or shrink fibroid (submucous uterine fibroid) while pregnant. Herbs are --, Enter your reply here...pls miah wia can someone get the Goldenseal powder. Take Alcohol. Can one drink bitter leaf juice during pregnancy? They may include diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, and rush. I want to know how to use bitter leaf to recover memory loss. A physical examination is important in your case, please get yourself examined first. Health benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf juice. Then wash the skin with luke warm water. For how long can I drink bitter leaf if I want to lower my glucose level?Is it dangerous if I drink it all the time? PLEASE HOW CAN I JOIN THIS PLATFORM , SO THAT I CAN BE GETTING INFORMATION. Valerian is also good for Insomnia. Bitter Leaf and Moringa are good for treating Hypertension and LDL. What quantity should one take at a time, I take one cup at a time and sometimes it keeps me uncomfortable. As soon as you touch it, it sleeps. i ate bitter leaf and my body started swollen and itching me...please can bitter leaf still help cure it? I have tried everything recommended both drugs and creams, but it works temporarily and then surface again especially during my monthly period. So I decided to contact the herbal man @herbalist_sakura for my younger sister's help to cure her breast cancer. Or perhaps, if there are other recommendations, first, to detoxify my system of this long term sugar content consumption, and, second, what to do to overcome premature ejaculation, neglecting the psychological factors (fears, tension, short breath, guilt, etc). please i have been experiencing excruciating pains in my waist that has made it impossible for me to stand for more than 5 minutes. Pls i ve bn diagnosed of chronic hepatitis b since nov 2015. you may take one capsule of each, every day for 20 days. You buy Echinacea and Goldenseal tablets and have 1 every day for 15 days. I want to know if I can take proportionate quantity of bitter leaves and moringa leaves together mixed with 10litres of water. We can then suggest to you in a better way. Thanks, Pls i was diagoned with hepatitis b last week and i am 31weeks pregnant...can i take bitter leaf juice. Chimmy. Bed wets 5 to 6 times through the nite. Hi, i sometimes take alcohol, can bitter leaf reduce the intake effect? Drink this juice every morning to relieve Menopause symptoms. Boil the washed roots and stems of Bitter Leaf in 250 ml of water. please can bitter leaf be mixed with other herbs??? Please what is the best cure for pile?In fact this one is shooting out and making me very uncomfortable?Can bitter leaf juice cure it? I was told that taking bitter leaf juice occasionally damages the liver.How true is that? Dear Sir, I will be very happy to know if Bitter leaf and Dandelion can help reduce the risk of Hepatitis B. Thanks. Hello Bola You can try Psoralea oil. I suffer from chronic eczema, very severe since I was around 8 years old. Will appreciate your response soonest. Please can I take bitter leaf juice at same time milk thistle. Google it and see if you can find it. Few teas as Chamomile, Passion Flower tea are considered good for sleep. It clears the arteries too. It means you will have to take 2 doses per day. I have been falling sick with flu and body pain each time I have organism and and this last for many days before my body get back to normal. Visit the page 'Hairfall' on this website. Did you get yourself examined by a doctor ? No. Please l will like to find out whether it is good to juice bitter leaf and dandelion together, Can bitter leaf with ginger help in weight loss. Kindly advise, I like the way you respond to everyone's questions please my question is I am having itches how can I use better juice. Can i use better leave for its cure if yes to what dosages if i should use its juice, Hi am planning to get pregnant can I continue taking my bitter leaf and milk thistle for my hep b. my question is when i to take the radish juice is it right after the bitter leave or after food. Remedies for your kid are--. When ever I do liver function test the Doctor tells me the liver is functioning properly .But still I test positive. It thus helps in reducing weight. Why do you want to use this herb ? Include yogurt in your daily diet. I am taking this with Moringa in capsules as well. Hello Karan, I finished treatment yesterday. Bitter Leaf is an effective herb to cure Indigestion. My period recently started to cut . Mix Lemon juice with cucumber juice. This advice is for educational purpose only. please how do I use bitter leaf for staph infection and possible symptoms of a kidney disease? Also can bitter leaf juice help unblock Fallopian tube. Had to do it for a week. Lowers blood sugar. Please can bitterleaf juice been taken if someone has peptic ulcer? What can I use to growth my hair faster in one weeks, How to make my skin look smooth, radiant, shining, and wipe off Cellulite, stretch mark black spot, pimples, wit natural remedy, Good day, Please I want. Can the combination of RADISH leave and Bitter leave reduce pile, blood sugar and blood pressure...which of the two can i take to reduce blood pressure before test?

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