How To Make Thumbnails For YouTube Videos On Android / PICSART TUTORIAL

How To Make Thumbnails For YouTube Videos On Android / PICSART TUTORIAL


Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Professional-Level Design.
No Art School Needed.


All you require is an easy-to-use set video and photo editors and template tools to create content look excellent.

Picsart is designed to give anyone a chance to be creative, it provides creators with the ability to pursue their passions with simple instruments and exclusive material. With easy-to-use editing tools backed by AI One of the largest open source content libraries, custom-designed templates, and a straightforward web interface that anyone can make captivating videos and images in a matter of minutes. On our platform, designers create everything from logos for brands and covers for podcasts to shop-related visuals for e-commerce as well as the latest social media content and merch. Utilizing the world’s most popular digital creation platform, with over 150 millionplus active monthly users the highest rated 20th most popular application in 2021 worldwide, and with over thirty languages. You are able to create the present, too.

App Link : Clik Hare


PixelLab – Text on pictures

Pixel Lab photo editor adding attractive words, 3d text forms, stickers, or shapes drawing over your image is now easier than ever. With a simple and clear interface that lets you concentrate on what you’re working on and a variety of fonts, presets backgrounds, stickers with more than 60 distinct options to customize and of course , your own imagination will allow you to create stunning images and impress your friends right from your tablet or phone.
If you want to see the app in action, here is a YouTube playlist that contains some tutorials :

Text Text: Add and edit the amount of text objects you’d like…
3D Text Create 3D texts and overlay them over the top of your photos, or let them stand alone on a cool display…
Text effect can make the text pop using hundreds of text effects such as : Shadow, Inner Shadow Stroke Background reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3D Text…
The color of your text Text color: Set your text to any fill color you’d like, be it an uncomplicated color or linear gradient, the radial gradient and even an image.
Font for text Choose from a variety of hand-picked fonts. Use your own fonts!
Stickers You can add and modify as many stickers, emojis and shapes as you like…
Upload images You can add your own images from galleries. This can be useful for those who have their own stickersor would like to mix 2 images…
Draw Choose an appropriate size for your pen, as well as an color, and then draw whatever you want. The drawing then acts as a shape, and you can change its size as well as rotate it. You can also add shadows to it, add shadow to…
alters the background and has the option of making it: a color, gradient or even an image.
Save as an project You can save anything you create as the basis of a project. It will be accessible even after you close the application!
Take away the background that you have: whether it’s green screen, blue screen, or just the white background behind an object you have found on Google images. PixelLab can transform it into a clear for you.
Editing image perspective It is now possible to edit the perspective (warp). It is useful for changing the content of a monitor altering a road sign’s text, or adding logos to box…
Effects on images can enhance your images look by applying one or more of the effects available such as vignette stripes, hue, and saturation…
Export your image Save or share it with any resolution or format you’d like, and for quick access, you can utilize your Quick Share buttons to share images to social media applications at the click of an icon (ex Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). …)
Make memes by using the meme preset, you’ll be able to quickly have memes ready to share within a matter of minutes.
Browse through quotes and add anything you want, into the work you’re creating !


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