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Earn money via the Internet with a laptop or smart phone. earn money for web page views and clicks on links or reposts, likes, likes and subscriptions. You can withdraw the money you earned according to your preferences more. If you are an advertiser and want to advertise their website – we’re prepared to provide top-quality focused traffic. This includes clicks to hyperlinks and advertisements, as well as an increase in visitors’ depth of visit and the amount of duration that visitors stay on the site. We also offer extensive promotion via social networks, including comments, likes, reposts and votes, subscriptions installing applications and games. Comprehensive statistics, geographical and demographic targeted.

Android app IPweb Surf: earning on the Internet created by IPweb.ru is listed under the category Productivity. Its current version is 4.6.0 which was released on 2001.01.06. As per Google Play IPweb Surf: earnings on the Internet have surpassed 469 thousand installations. IPweb Surf: Earnings on the Internet currently has 2 000 ratings and an ratings of 4.2

The app to earn. There are thousands of new tasks available on the web every day!

* Earnings on tasks ‘ implementation.
* Earnings from surfing.
* Earnings from social networks.
Earnings from studying emails.

The withdrawal can be made for WebMoney, Payeer, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Visa/Mastercard, PerfectMoney and AdvCash. The minimum amount to withdraw is 3 rubles.

We’re currently offering the version 4.6.0. This is the latest and the most efficient version. It’s suitable for various devices. It is free to download directly through Google Play Store Google Play Store or other versions that we host. Additionally, you can download the app without registration and with no login is required.

We have over 2000+ devices available that support Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, Tablet … With lots of options, it’s simple to select games or applications that are compatible with your device.

It could be useful in the event of any restrictions on countries or limitations from the side of your device in the Google App Store.

Earning ways to earn money

    • Sites browsing, clicking links: earn money by doing simple tasks using IPweb Surf or a the browser!
    • Earning money through the social network: like and subscribe to earn up to 0.63 rubles per task. You can also use money to promote your page or group!
    • Payable mail: read your emails within your mailbox or on IPweb Surf and earn around 0.09 rubles for a letter!
  • Referral-inviting: we pay from 50 to 550 rubles any referral that has ordered the promotion for a certain amount! In addition, if your referee makes use of the website to earn money, we’ll guarantee you 77% of his profits. Utilize our affiliate program to earn passive income!

Logging in

Select “Registration“.

Enter your login, email and password, then click “Exucutor” as well as “I acknowledge that I am in agreement with the Privacy policy and User Agreement terms”.

You can also make a speedy registration using connecting your accounts to social media.

After registration, you can activate the account you have created by pressing on the link that was sent to you.

After activation, log in to “Account” After activation, go to “Account” and then “Payment Requirements (wallets)”.

Please fill in this form by selecting a suitable method.

Click on “Social networks” Section “Account” and connect your existing accounts to social networks.

Select “Earnings” Click on “Earnings” “Download IPweb Surf“.

Then download and install IPweb Surf soft.

Utilizing the program is much easier than using the browser. Additionally, profits are higher due to the fact that it has more surf sites to browse.

Getting started

After you have installed the program after installation, start IPweb Surf then sign in with the login details and your password. The following types of income are included in the program.

Web surfing sites

Earnings from social networks

Letters to read

How can you complete tasks on social networks in a correct manner

It is prohibited:

  • for the member to quit the association upon having received the payment to join it;
  • to remove yourself from channels and accounts upon receiving payment
  • to delete your name upon receipt of the payment
  • to remove paid repost entries from your site.

If you do not follow these guidelines, your account may be penalized with a fine that is greater than the cost of completing the task three times or even blocked.

How can you make more money

To be able to get top-quality tasks on social networks that offer double payments You must have at least 50 people on VKontakte, Facebook, Odboklassniki on each account with a fully-filled avatar. You should also have from 3 of your friends on Instagram, Twitter, My World@Mail.Ru with a full avatar.

On YouTube you can have a minimum of 800 subscribers.

How do I withdraw cash

Select “Earnings” and then “Withdraw money”.

The minimum amount to withdraw is 3 rubles.

What happens if the job isn’t acknowledged

Sometimes, the job is not completed immediately and it isn’t paid. It is not necessary to be concerned about this. If you’ve carried an assignment and completed the task, you will be compensated.

The job in the IPweb Surf program was not recognized as such.

If, while browsing a website or using social networks the work wasn’t acknowledged and the task was not compensated for, hit”Complain” or click the “Complain” link.

and give a detailed description of the issue.

The site’s task was not acknowledged

If you’ve noticed that during your surfing the work was not acknowledged then click”Complain” and click the “Complain” option.

and give a detailed description of the problem.

If, while performing the task on social media and it wasn’t credited click the button “Complain about this task” within the task and provide a detailed explanation of the problem.

If you’ve already closed the tab for the task or want to speak with support directly Make sure to write down the address for the task (for example, the contact number to the VKontakte group you must be a member) and include a link in the request.

When you reach out to support department, make sure to provide a copy of the task you completed.

Join Link : Clik Hare

Important to know about YouTube

Before you can verify the validity of a YouTube task, you have to wait for a long time. This is because YouTube process the results of user actions in a slow manner and takes time to rectify their database.

If this doesn’t help make a complaint to the moderators regarding the job that was completed by clicking “Complain regarding this job”. In this instance the job is rechecked over time and the amount will be credit to your account. Upon crediting the account, you will be notified of with an “bell” notification.


Our benefits

Quickly a result

It is possible to get the ideal volume of people during the time of your purchase regardless of whether it’s web users, social media followers views, or likes. Set up an advertising campaign, add funds to your account with the amount that you need, and you’ll get your first customers in just less than a minute.


Real users

We only provide real-time traffic, with 100 percent non-bots and an automatic boost to traffic. Our customers are real Their actions are accurately recorded into their accounts by any counters or analytics systems. Your social media accounts won’t be blocked.


The precise settings

You can establish geographical targeting and specify the age and gender of the visitors and only receive the visitors you’d like to receive. You can also define the depth of browsing on your website as well as the exact path and number of clicks on ads, define how often they bounce, as well as also set impression times according to day of the week , and hour.


Low cost

A single visit to your website cost only $0,0014 for a single visit, and additional advertising costs start at one cent per visit. IPweb can be the best and most lucrative method to draw live visitors to your site.


Support is available 24/7

Professional technical assistance offers assistance with creating campaigns for advertising and monitoring results.

Earn money on the internet.

Everyday, there are dozens of new tasks to complete!

The withdrawal process is via WebMoney, Payeer, YooMoney, QIWI, Visa/Mastercard, Russian SIM cards, PerfectMoney and AdvCash

The minimum amount for withdrawal:0.044

The reasons why you should partner with us?

For advertisers

1Reliable service with a solid track record

Only methods that are legitimate for promotion

3Low’s prices

4Large user base, wide geography

5 Detailed analytics of advertising campaigns

For workers

1Interesting and simple tasks

2Fast pay outs

3Earnings at any time and from anywhere

4Affiliate Program

5Regular gift draw

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