How to remove background noise in Android – Audacity for Android | best sound recorder app

How to remove background noise in Android – Audacity for Android | best sound recorder app


Lexis Audio Editor


Creating best video with best quality voice over or voice effect is first priority for any pro and struggle youtuber because audio makes 50% effect and some big youtuber also says if your voice quality is very batter then compromise on video quality is very easy there for we can says or voice effect is first priority for any pro and struggle youtuber. so you are a struggle You tuber or you can not buy very good and high quality mice for your voice over. so in this article we are talk about a voice over audio recorder application which name is lexis audio editor.if you are already know about this app you can leave this article.or if you listen this name for first time keep with me after this article your voice over problem solve for lifetime.



For making a batter voice over we have to fix two major problems first of all we have remove background and useless noise form the audio second most important thing is that amplitude level set perfectly there for we can say if you are remove useless noise from audio and amplitude level set perfectly you can makes your voice over perfect but the major problem is that how can we remove that all sit from our video.that why we can presenting the most use full audio editor for you.after use this you can makes your audio quality we can define how to use this toll.
First of all you have to go on play store and download this app which name is lexis audio is given below


After download this app open it you have to see a very simple interface of this this app you also record audio make it open it and record some audio after recording fist of all you have to fix your audio level for this you have to go in effects and go voice reduction and you have to different layer here so make you audio from there.and you can also fine many other feature for edit and make your voice batter so I hope you fully understand form this article.

In My comment box mostly asked questions is that Zubair bro how you record your voice in for Youtube videos. which mice you have used? which software do you have used? how your voice has good results? and the answer to the questions is in this post.

How To Record Best quality voice for Youtube videos

today I’m going to share a very simple and very batter way to record your voice this method is good for recording your voiceovers, voice recording for Youtube videos. for using this method you just need an average cell phone. in this method, we are going to use a mic of our phone for the best quality voice or voiceovers. for this, we are using a mic and an application whose name is Echo.

Echo is the best quality application for android and is also available for iPhones and tablets. is easily available on the Playstore and app store on iPhone. it is free of cost, you can easily download it. it is recorded your voice without any noise and echo. it is very easy to use and run on the phone. its interface is very simple and user-friendly. for best quality recordings you just need to install it from any browser or application store.

After installing run it. you have to see a user-friendly interface. very easy to use. but you have to do a little setting as your use, if you are a singer or voiceover artist you need to set its setting as your use. you need to increase or decrease echo. it’s totally auto working. auto noise cancelation auto echo setting. you just need to tap on the record button and start recording your voices.

App LinkĀ 

How To Use Echo

After installing the app open it. when the application opens tap on the three-dot option which appears on the left top corner. after opening the settings you have to see a record button on the second tap on it. again you have to see two options one is a tab to record and the second is hold to record. you have to select a tab to record.

Next, you see an option whose name is an echo effect. it auto-select on, but you need to close it. after that third option is echo volume adjust it on 10 percent. now the next step is echo delay. for best quality recording adjust it on 0.1 sec. now you have ready to record the best quality voice. now go back to the home and tap on the record. shortly your recording begins. after complete your recording tap to stop and save your best quality voice recording.

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