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Besides price, product photos are arguably the main attraction of almost all online stores. If the quality of the product you produce is good, many people will stop by and look at your products before they decide to buy. This is caused by the tendency of humans who want to ensure something from the visual alone. That is why, if your work is not good, it will be very difficult for many people to buy.
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To produce good and quality product photos, then you definitely need good camera equipment. Today, DSLR cameras are the # 1 choice in producing good, sharp and clear image quality. However, in general, a good DSLR camera is priced at an expensive price. But this does not mean that there are no cheap DSLR cameras with good quality because in DSLR cameras in their respective categories. This was created to help users both beginners and professionals in accompanying their daily photography. However, for those of you who are looking for a DSLR camera with a price that is not too expensive, then first pay attention to the things below.

Manual mode. Manual mode is important in a DSLR camera because it makes it easy for you to take complete control of your camera, both the aperture and shutter speed. Auto mode is good, but generally does not go according to plan. Auto mode can also change the lighting settings to be sharper during shooting or video recording so that leads to poor results.

Video mode. To record product photos, then you need a camera that can record video. Fortunately, cameras today are generally equipped with video modes. Ideally, a good camera is capable of recording video in manual mode at the same time.
A changeable lens. This makes it easy for you to choose and determine the right lens and settings for the type of shooting you want to take.
Now, without further length, the following is a list of good DSLR cameras for product photos that we can ( recommend for you.


Nikon D800 is designed more than just an ordinary DSLR camera because, besides photography, D800 is also able to function to record video with exceptional quality. This camera is the best choice for those who miss a camera with a fast AF device performance in producing quality images and videos. Nikon D800 camera carries a CMOS image sensor with FX-format that is able to capture every best moment that is around you with a maximum resolution of 36megapixels.

For videography, the Nikon D800 is capable of recording video in dual movie format quality with a maximum resolution that can reach 1080p at 30 fps. To get the maximum video results, then you can record in FX and DX formats. In addition, the support of live view and audio quality features makes this camera more stylish and attractive.

Nikon D800 has a 3.2-inch LCD screen to pamper your eyes in seeing and monitoring the shots during shooting and recording. In addition, the support of the EXPEED 3 image processor makes the D800’s performance better and maximum.


Nikon D600 is specifically designed to accompany each of your daily trips. So, if you like to travel, then the D600 is the right choice for you. The D600 comes with a 24megapixels CMOS image sensor to produce images with good resolution. The ISO value of the Nikon D600 camera is 100 – 6400 which can be increased up to 25,600. This helps users to get good results even in situations where there is very little or no light available.

For videography, users are able to record video images with full HD 1080p quality. One of the most prominent things that you can find on a Nikon D600 camera is two memory card slots. With this kind of support, users don’t need to worry about the number of photos and videos that need to be taken because there is a large enough room available. With a size that is not too heavy, you can carry it wherever you go every day.

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