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Testerup.com is an online platform that provides a range of testing services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. The platform allows users to test their applications, software, websites, and games through crowdtesting, manual testing, and automated testing.

In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of Testerup.com, including the testing services provided, pricing plans, and customer support.

Testerup, as it’s now known is a platform that promises that you can earn substantial money through testing mobile apps and websites. It’s an intriguing claim but I’d recommend that you do not join the Testerup platform as of yet.

It is recommended that reading this Testerup review first , so you are aware of the complete information about what this platform offers. I discovered this platform and decided to try it to determine whether it’s worthwhile or not.

This review I’ll examine what the functions of Testerup offer, and I will also discuss certain important aspects that the system that you should be aware of. Therefore, without further delay let’s see what Testerup can offer you.

Real Earning App 

What exactly is Testerup and what do they provide?

Testerup was previously known as Testery However, it has altered its brand name. However, the opportunities to earn money they offer are the same.

If this is the first encounter with Testerup It is an application for user testing that will reward users with the opportunity to test games on mobile devices and websites. But, that doesn’t suggest that Testerup is a good choice.

To determine whether this website will be worth the time and effort, first comprehend how it operates. The best method to determine that is by taking a deeper examine the earning opportunities it provides. Here’s how to earn through Testerup.

Option 1: Test the available offers

The main method to earn on this site is to test websites and mobile apps. All you need to do is sign in to the member dashboard through an internet browser on your PC or via their mobile app (I will discuss the app in a bit).

Then you will be able to see the various test options available. You’ll also know whether these offers require you to try out the mobile application or website. If you are required to try a mobile app it is necessary to make use of your smartphone.

While testing websites, you are able to test it using your desktop or laptop. Every offer will provide how the money you’ll earn after completing the test. Based on what I’ve observed that they offer a substantial amount for each exam, and that’s uncommon.

I’m saying unusual since the amount they are offering isn’t realistic. In the above image you’ll be able earn $146 to play an app known as Family Island. Although it’s certainly feasible, what they don’t inform you right away is that the majority times the tests will require players to spend money.

The majority of these games for mobile will need in-app purchase. Also, the way that the tests function is that each test will include a list of tasks to be able to complete. You’ll earn an amount of money each when you finish an assignment.

What I did notice is that the majority of easy tasks that you can accomplish by using the tests will cost you a little (around $0.10 up to $0.50). Tasks on the list which pay you a substantial amount may require a significant amount of time or require you to invest money.

Therefore, although it is definitely likely that you will earn some money through these tests, you’ll need to commit a lot of your time and money for it that is, to me, is a major warning.

The best part is that with every test , you are able to simply stop at any time and continue to get your money as long as you’ve completed a few of the tasks listed on their list.

Testerup or Testery, in its current form Testerup also offers premium deals you can work on. When you’ve completed 5 of the premium deals and earn the status of a premium tester. This is a status that comes with a number of advantages which are mostly focused on helping the earn more.

But, the majority of these deals will cost money to finish. Be aware of that before you try one of these offers.

One thing I’d like to add is that it’s not correct to refer to their earnings opportunity tests because you’re not conducting any sort of testing. According to me, it’s just a way to make their earning opportunities appear more appealing but it isn’t very evident.

It’s essentially an unpaid offer is typically found on Get-Paid-To websites. I’m not sure what made them feel that they needed to make this offer however, that’s just the reality of the opportunity to earn.

Option 2 – Referral Program

Another way to earn through Testerup is through the referral program. If you’re not aware of what a refer-a-friend program is it’s an income opportunity to increase awareness of the platform.

All you need to do is encourage others to sign up with Testerup via sharing an invitation link on one of the platforms listed above. When someone clicks on your link and signs up as an account on Testerup you will then be your”referral.

As an incentive reward each time your referrer earns by taking the tests and you’ll earn 10% of the commission. This is a method of passive earning, however you need to ensure you only invite those who are truly eager to earn on this platform.

It’s a lot much more complicated than it appears It is a bit more difficult to do, however. Personally, I would not recommend individuals to join this platform and will later discuss the reasons.

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How do you earn money?

As we’ve explained, every time you complete the test or finish a task, you will earn an amount. Once you’ve earned the $70 amount, you’ll be eligible to withdraw the money through PayPal.

In my opinion, this is an extremely high threshold for payouts. What I find strange about Testerup is the fact that user-testing websites don’t typically have this extremely high threshold for payouts. This is a big alarm for me, and I’ll detail the reason in the next section.

Based on my experiences, websites that have an excessively high threshold for payouts usually do not intend to pay their users. It’s not that I’m saying this is the case for Testerup since I didn’t get close to the threshold in the course of trying it out and you’ll be able to know why in the next section.

Overall, the system of payment of Testerup is easy to use, however I prefer sites with an acceptable payout threshold since you’ll be able to cash out your winnings quickly. To find a list of websites with an extremely low threshold for payouts,

Testing Services

Testerup.com offers a variety of testing services to meet the diverse needs of its users. These services include crowdtesting, manual testing, and automated testing.

Crowdtesting is a testing method that involves a large group of testers from around the world to test an application, website, or software. This approach provides valuable insights from a diverse group of testers, which can help identify potential bugs, usability issues, and other problems.

Manual testing involves human testers performing tests on an application, software, or website. This type of testing can identify issues that may not be detected by automated testing, such as visual design problems, broken links, and usability issues.

Automated testing is a type of testing that involves using software to perform tests on an application, software, or website. This approach is fast and efficient, and can quickly identify potential issues in the code.

Pricing Plans

Testerup.com offers several pricing plans to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. These plans include a pay-per-test plan, a monthly plan, and an annual plan.

The pay-per-test plan allows users to pay for each test they run on the platform. This plan is ideal for individuals or small businesses who only need to run occasional tests.

The monthly plan provides users with a set number of tests per month, and is ideal for businesses that need to run tests on a regular basis.

The annual plan provides users with a larger number of tests per year, and is ideal for larger businesses that need to run multiple tests on a regular basis.

Customer Support

Testerup.com provides excellent customer support to its users. The platform offers a comprehensive knowledge base that contains helpful articles, tutorials, and videos that can help users learn how to use the platform.

In addition, the platform offers email and phone support to its users. The customer support team is knowledgeable and responsive, and can help users with any questions or issues they may have.


Testerup.com is an excellent platform for businesses and individuals who need to test their applications, software, websites, and games. The platform offers a range of testing services, including crowdtesting, manual testing, and automated testing.

With its variety of pricing plans, excellent customer support, and comprehensive testing services, Testerup.com is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy and efficient way to test their applications and software.

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