Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet | Traffic Monetizer

Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet | Traffic Monetizer

You can earn money online with ease! Each month, you get an unlimited amount of internet usage in exchange for an annual fee fixed. The majority of the time, there’s lots of traffic being idle and your connection is inactive.
You can sell a portion of the unproductive traffic to earn passive income.

What is the reason we have to pay for this? Many marketing and advertising agencies are required to check customer websites from various regions to ensure their advertisements are displayed correctly and to evaluate the outcomes from their work.
Companies pay us for data that is collected across different regions, and we compensate you for using your web traffic to gather the data.

In a few easy steps, you can transform the internet into cash

1. Sign up for our service and get an access token here https://app.traffmonetizer.com
2. Install the app
3. Add tokens to the app and begin converting megabytes to cash

The entire statistics will be visible on your account dashboard, which means you can keep track of the use of the account with the amount you earned.

Making money online has never been so simple.

Secure and safe.
The online earnings app we offer is not a security risk. problems since it only works with approved businesses that are operating under the KYC (know who you are as a client) model. It’s easy to begin earning money online using our easy TraffMonetizer application.

How can I withdraw the cash?
You can withdraw the funds you have earned online by using the following payment methods:

1. Paypal
2. Bitcoin
3. Payoneer
4. Skrill
5. Payeer

Should you need to ask any queries regarding our online make money app, feel free to write us a note or get in touch via an live chat with our 24/7 support.

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What are the reasons we should be paying for your services?

Many marketing and advertising agencies are required to visit websites of their clients from all over the world to ensure that their advertisements are properly displayed and to check the outcomes of their efforts
The companies we pay for the data they collect across various areas, and we also compensate you to use your web access to collect the information. It’s a win-win.

What is the process?

Your Internet Service Provider provides unlimited traffic bundles at an annual fee fixed. But there’s one caveat – most times you do not utilize your internet connection and your connection is inactive.
You can also sell a portion of the traffic that is not being used and earn passive income in just four steps:


1. Join us for our service and receive an access token
2. Get our App installed on your phone
3. We will use just a tiny portion of the Internet connection within our network.
4. Utilize your account’s dashboard to keep track of the traffic we use along with the earnings you made.

Install TraffMonetizer on your device to convert your traffic into money.







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Internet connectivity that pay bills


We’ll admit it: you’re not using less than 10 percent from the Internet bandwidth that you pay each month. Our application will assist you to earn back these dollars and provide a steady completely effortless flow of earnings. Download it now and start earning money immediately!


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