Best Wireless Mouse Recommendations (Newest in 2019)

By | February 21, 2020

Best Wireless Mouse Recommendations (Newest in 2019)

Wireless mouse is a very practical product because we will feel more comfortable in working without any interfering wires. However, sometimes we are confused when going to buy it. Better to use a Bluetooth connection or USB receiver, which uses a dry battery or a battery that can be charged?
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This time, we will review how to choose a wireless mouse and give recommendations for a good wireless mouse product based on price, function, and quality. Not only famous brands like Microsoft, Logitech, and HP, we will also introduce a number of other products that you can refer to. Happy reading!

How to choose a wireless mouse

Based on connectivity
Although it can be used wirelessly, the wireless mouse has two types of connectivity namely the Bluetooth type and the USB receiver type. Let’s look at the differences between the two, then choose the type of connector that works best for you.

USB receiver type, easy to use without the need for special settings

This type uses a special built-in mouse receiver that plugs into a USB port on a computer device. The installation is not difficult and can be connected up to a distance of 10 meters so that it is easy to use even if it is a little far from the main device.
However, you must remember that if there is no receiver, this type of mouse cannot be used, and there will be 1 USB port that you cannot use because it is used for this receiver.

Bluetooth type, can be connected to other devices

If your computer is equipped with Bluetooth, you can use a mouse that does not use a receiver. This type is highly recommended for computers with few USB ports. Another advantage is, this type can be connected to other devices such as smartphones and tablets.
However, this type of wireless mouse requires pairing or connecting first in the early stages of its use. This type of mouse can also be used on computers that do not have Bluetooth as long as the receiver is installed.

Based on the sensor system

The accuracy of the wireless mouse will be very different depending on the sensor system used. It’s important to check because there are several types of wireless mice that aren’t readable in certain areas. In this article, we will describe the four main sensor systems in wireless mice.

Blue LED type, no need mouse pad, affordable prices

The blue LED type is the most commonly used mouse type, and has a very good response rate. The main advantage of this type of mouse is that it can be used in dusty places, and can still be used even without using a mouse pad.
This mouse can be used well on various fields of objects with a shiny surface, white, or on fabric. However, for use in clear glass still requires a mouse pad.

Optical type (red LED), cheap and easy to use

When talking about optical type mouse, then this type is the answer. The characteristics of this product are there are parts that emit red light, and have a fairly cheap price.
Among the many types of wireless mouse, this product has the most affordable price so that this product is not difficult to find. The response accuracy is fairly ordinary, and cannot be used in shiny, white and patterned areas. You need a mouse pad if you want to use this type of mouse.

Infrared LED type, energy saving and more durable

Having the ability to read responses that are not much different from the type of red LED, but this type is the most energy efficient because with one battery change, can last 6-12 months. Because the battery is quite durable, this product is suitable for those of you who often use a mouse or you who often work outside by carrying a mouse everywhere.

Laser type, the ability to read the best response

The advantage is that the reading response level is better than the optical type and the light is not visible to the human eye. This type can be used on uneven and glossy surfaces.
However, this type is not good for use on glass surfaces so you still need a mouse pad to use.

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