Based on power

By | February 21, 2020

Based on power

Because this mouse is connected to a computer without using a cable, the wireless mouse requires its own power. Broadly speaking there are 2 types of resources used, namely the type of dry battery and the type of battery that can be charged.
For wireless mouse with dry battery type, generally use AA or AAA batteries. When the power runs out, you just replace it with a new battery. In terms of cost of use, it will feel a little wasteful because you have to change batteries, but this type of mouse has a price that is not too expensive.
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For wireless mice with a charge type, although the price is more expensive when compared to a dry battery type mouse, but because of this type of mouse the battery does not need to be replaced, the cost of using it will be cheaper.

Choose products that are lightweight and comfortable to hold

Mouse is an object that continues to be used for a long time. Therefore, it is important to check its compatibility with the grip of your hand so that your fingers and wrist do not get tired even if you use it for hours.
In addition to the size of each person’s hands are different, the habit of holding the mouse is also different so it is better to try it first before buying. Currently, a mouse has also emerged which is designed based on the shape of a human hand to make it more comfortable to use. However, sometimes the shape is not symmetrical right and left so it needs to be considered whether the mouse is for right-handed users or left-handed users (left-handed).

Another thing that also needs to be taken into consideration is regarding the weight of the mouse. There are people who prefer a mouse that is small and lightweight, but there are also people who prefer a mouse that is a little heavy. If you intend to replace your old mouse, then choose the most appropriate mouse shape, which is in accordance with the grip of your hand.

Choose a product that has a good response rate

To check whether the mouse has a good response or not, you can do this by clicking or moving the track wheel, and scrolling. Look at your computer screen, whether the response is fast or not. However, because this cannot be known if you don’t try it directly, you should look at the product’s review as a reference before buying it.

In addition, for specific uses such as for games, it’s better to choose a mouse with a high resolution (a number that shows how far the pointer moves on the screen if we move the mouse as far as 1 inch). For general use such as when viewing the web, enough with a resolution level of 800 ~ 1,600 dpi.

Additional functions

The basic function of the mouse in general is the right click button, left click button, and the track wheel. However, in addition to the 3 buttons for this function, there is also a mouse that has a forward, backward, and search button. You just need to adjust it to your needs!

There is also a mouse model in which the scroll wheel can also be moved left and right. We recommend this function for Excel users, because vertical and horizontal scrolling can be done using the mouse so that it becomes more practical. In addition, for those of you who are going to use the mouse in a quiet place such as a library and meeting room, you should choose a silent type product that doesn’t make a sound when you click.

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