adBTC – Earn money for watching websites best way to Earn Money Online

adBTC – Earn money for watching websites best way to Earn Money Online

Earn bitcoin online by viewing websites. Cheap website promotion with bitcoin payments. Only real bitcoin users, your target audience. Bitcoin for click.

What exactly is adBTC?

The URL was registered in the year 2016 It is hosted in Russia We do not know anything concerning this particular admins who run adBTC. It’s not surprising that this is a common issue with faucets. Technically speaking, adBTC has a faucet but it’s a pain. We can assure you that their faucet is a bit sucky. Do not use it. You make a small amount and you’ll have to figure out an issue with a shortlink. It’s a total wasted time. Why do we evaluate adBTC this high? because the main goal of adBTC isn’t their faucets but their PTC advertisements. You click on their surf ads, then wait some time and earn Satoshis. Many Satoshis.

What exactly do I need to know about earning Bitcoin via adBTC?

adBTC provides four different ways that can earn you Bitcoin. One of them can be their faucet. It’s a pain, so don’t use it.

Another feature is their autosurfing. It’s fantastic, simply click that and allow the internet browser to handle the rest. It’s easy money. The only problem is that there are hardly any advertisements for Autosurfing. It is unlikely that this is going to change in the near future as it’s been this way for quite a while now.

The third way to earn Bitcoin through adBTC can be “Active windows surfing”. Simply click on the ad to open the tab, keep it focused, and then complete their captcha. That’s it. It’s not the best option because you must keep your eyes on the page which makes it boring. It still pays decently, and usually you will get approximately 1 Satoshi per second you visit their website.

The final option, and the best one, is to look at advertisements! You click on the advertisement, then wait until the timer stops and you will earn Bitcoin. Like I said you will earn lots. It is possible to earn up to 500 Satoshis or more using these. Some ads even give you over 50 Satoshis. You don’t have to eye on the advertisement. Simply click it and do your other things. The timer will run in the background until you will receive your cash. It’s very simple and is a great way to earn money.

After three ads, you must complete a captcha in order to prove that you’re not an automated bot. This is the only problem. However, it’s totally worth it. Not many websites charge the amount and the captchas are extremely effective.

Do you have a referral program that works with adBTC?

It’s a great idea to recommend users to adBTC as you’ll get 10 percent of what you earn. However, if they make less money, but you do earn it as a bonus. Because the payouts are impressive and it’s simple to earn 500 Satoshis daily and you can earn up to 50 Satoshis every day by referring just one referral, or even more. That’s quite a bit. If your friend decides to promote on his own websites you will receive 5 percent of the money he uses for the ads he creates for himself. It’s also a great deal. If you are able to recommend anyone with a blog who wishes to advertise his blog using adBTC You will receive a large amount of Satoshis.

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Is adBTC legitimate?

Yeah, adBTC pays you. However, let us be clear, their customer support is not great. If you have any issues and don’t receive an response. When we first attempted to withdraw money we could not access our wallet address. We wrote to them but they did not respond. The issue was resolved after a few days but we were not informed of the problem. We aren’t sure whether it was a general issue or if they were able to fix the issue for us, but we received our money which is fine.

Our conclusion on adBTC

AdBTC is a great sitethat pays well. You can see their ads almost without effort since you can simply click it and perform other activities while the counter decreases. That’s awesome. Unfortunately, their support isn’t more than their faucet. If they can improve their support and faucet by a significant amount, the rating will increase. Even with these two imperfections, it’s worth the time. We strongly recommend that you utilize adBTC to earn Bitcoins because adBTC is among the most lucrative websites you can find.

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