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Sacramento was absolutely crushed in bubble 1.0 in California. There have been a number of stories about wine country prices being impacted by the 2-year anniversary of the fires, with a significant number of people who lost homes finally giving up on rebuilding and just buying when the standard two years of insurance payments for rent end in October. https://wolfstreet.com/2019/04/14/whatll-happen-to-home-prices-in-silicon-valley-san-francisco-after-the-mega-ipos-last-two-times-we-got-a-housing-bust/. I’ve been considering buying some “prospective” new beachfront property just east of the San Andreas. The scenario you describe, has never happened, won’t ever happen. Gorgeous rural Florida typical acre+ with a family home in the very low Hundred thousands. Sign up here. You can easily draw lines around coastal LA and OC with 1M people where per capita GDP is also very high. But in some of the cheapest cities, rents dropped. In September, the median house price fell to $1.54 million, down 12.6% from June, but still up 2.2% from a year ago, though it’s below where it had been in October two years ago. …Living conditions in India are better than in San Diego… The 12-month moving average (red line in the chart below), by definition, lags behind but shows longer-term trends more clearly. On a 4-month rolling basis, SF median house sales prices are as high as they’ve ever been. Anybody who can get out will. If prices aren’t going down, there’s no risk so you may as well buy as many as possible. The median price of a San Francisco Bay Area home sold last month fell slightly compared with the prior-year period, marking the first annual drop since the bottom of the last housing crash… I say if you plan to live in the house and can make figures work, go an buy it. Exactly. Bubble reinflated for a decade with easy credit/money creation but soon the true nature of the difference between debt and real wealth will reveal itself; already started to happen. You can donate. Not much at all sells above 8M … that is unusual. College towns and capitols are affected much less in a downturn, and Raleigh is both. We were living on the fault line 30 years ago today. The median home price at $455,000, is about flat with May 2018 and is up only about 1.5% since July 2017, despite the dip and rise in between: Enjoy reading WOLF STREET and want to support it? Hahahaha, you made me laugh so hard, god bless you. In Solano County, the median home price in June ticked down 0.4% year-over-year, to $448,000 and is down 1.6% from the peak in August 2018: For the nine-county Bay Area, the year-over-year decline of 8.1% is the steepest decline since November 2011, during the trough of Housing Bust 1. It only took us 8 years to get here. That is a reference to Powell’s about-face in the beginning of this year in which he went from rate hikes/balance sheet normalization “on autopilot” to accommodative dove as the stock market tanked. The fact that property assessments reset to fair market value on a sale (under Prop 13) may create some sort of ceiling on prices. They lost money then sold. Condo +5.9% ($303,000). Did I mention you should buy a house? In 1993, the price of houses in the suburbs of NYC tanked. Here are the details of that works: I think this next election may be the first in a my voting span where I could be happy with either result. In the previous election, the big money heavily favored Hillary over Trump. You might lose some money, so be it, but if you’re planning to stay there for the long term, you should be OK as long as you can make the payments. Park an RV on it and it’d be fine with me. If you value being able to afford help then you may enjoy India I don’t see any big contraction in prices in Seattle not when AMZN has 8000 job openings and AAPL relocating more up here as well. I am more interested in case Schiller numbers than median price as median price can be misleading.. This is a positive for home prices as the so called “cheaper to rent” argument is closing quickly. I spent a long time in India, the airport is only the beginning, it gets worse from there. Many experts agreed with this forecast for the Bay Area real estate market 2020: People who think Fed will allow a situation that you will pay 50 cents on the dollar on the asset prices are deluding themselves. Agreed. In Santa Clara County, the southern part of Silicon Valley and the most populous county in the Bay Area, the median house price dropped 2.0% year-over-year, to $1.22 million, which is down 15.8% from the peak in April 2018 and just below where it had first been in October 2017. 1.Prices of most things except real estate taxes( New Jersey takes the cake on that one) are among the most expensive on the country . I’ve never once seen a “soft landing” in recent history. Is the housing market overheating—and a correction looming? Unless sales *volume* data is also included, pricing data can be seriously misleading – usually on the pro bubble side. Why not buy five or six? Thank you for the update Wolf. Or the cost of real estate in Japan? I come from India and honestly living conditions are better in India than San Diego. a 10% drop after prices doubled in 5 years is not a bust. But my gut feeling is that this Housing Bubble 2 in the Bay Area is cooked, and that prices will trend lower going forward, in a zigzagging sort of way. See our, Those episodes were both followed by housing busts, ← Braindead or Willfully Manipulative? But what about the Porn industry, will it thrive it’s the capital of the world; ie… billion dollar industry. Bay Area’s dropping rents will reshape housing market J.K. Dineen June 9, 2020 Updated: June 17, 2020 8:38 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Unfortunately people realize this and have resulted in the state being vastly overpopulated at almost 40m. And there are other big counties in the Southland. Dumb to bid there now. In San Mateo County, the northern part of Silicon Valley, the median house price in September fell 8.1% year-over-year, to $1.47 million. Ditto for median sales prices in a month with three sales…, Not in all Eastern NC markets There are some areas that are still stuck at 2008 prices and dropping Depends on the demographics interested in buying in the particular town Oceanfront areas may be better as out of Towners with deep pockets are buying. house here was losing $50k a year. If you look at the trend for Contra Costa for example, it has shown the same sawtooth pattern within a year with the YoY trend consistently up. If Mr. Keith Jurow is correct, the banks may have been technically insolvent. Long story short, I own four lots with a small house on one of them. The high housing prices in SF are a result of this. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This is NOT southern california, Boston. But new businesses with planned wages have been getting scarcer since 2007. Reserves is the new cash. So anything that kicks the can down the road several years (average about 69 months) is their strategy. Homelessness is rampart with stories being featured on the local tv stations on almost a daily basis. Third world countries often use this as political policy to promote stability and consolidate ideologies. Yet… we are very early into what could be the next housing slump/bubble. Of course San Diego has some beautiful spots and, if you are very wealthy indeed, could be a beautiful place to live. Add those to LA-Long Beach … Imagine that total. Yet more and more illegal immigration is being encouraged by the politicians. Eh, in prior downturns Raleigh had quite a bit of job loss. I expect mortgage rates to stay low or get lower and we might see another spring bounce. Unfortunately ,misdemeanor crimes are tolerated by the police. The bay area counties with a high per capita GDP are all small … like around 1M people. BC perspective so off topic a bit. Yes, seasonally, we’re now looking at the downhill side of the curve through the winter. Canada Would you recommend anyone else buy a $1M+ home anywhere in California right now? The Bay Area Real Estate Market Will Not Crash. Companies & Markets Housing Bubble 2 I could buy, but being a single male I don’t have the need for a feathered nest. The psychology of the investors is the key. At a minimum, the tax payers should receive all future bank profits instead of those banksters. So it’s like a big fast rat wheel. So it’s not exactly a focal point of modern industry and it doesn’t have a lot of high-paying jobs. The inflation rate, the tax rates, the minimum wage, the mortgage rate, the short term interest rate, the debt to gdp, the social security tax and pay out rates, 50% plus of health payment system, the black market illegal immigration labor market. It’s easy to be bullish on Raleigh, since it has a built-in floor for its housing market – government and education are Huge portions of the local economy. Read conflicting news about Bay area housing markets in 2020. Seems like major home builders are losing their mojo too…, “Shares of Hovnanian Enterprises Inc. HOV, -18.65% plunged 14% in afternoon trading Thursday, after the home builder disclosed that it received a de-listing warning from the New York Stock Exchange…”, https://www.marketwatch.com/story/hovnanians-stock-tumbles-after-disclosure-of-nyse-delisting-notice-2019-07-18?mod=hp_realestate. When an emerging economy experiences healthy growth, some of the clever, educated emigrants come back home and start their own businesses, benefiting from fast domestic growth. Then there’s the “single-asset” commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS) backed only by the mortgage of this tower. SF is a US city in the Boston, Houston, and Philly league. And here we go again…. God please keep the Tech Bubble going long enough so I can cash out all my RSU and move the hell from this state. I saw the results when I visited the beautiful “Natural Bridges beach “ and the car next to my car had been vandalized . Perhaps people are tiring of the number 2 on the sidewalk in SF. 2. CraicOfDawn – you’re learning. High-end luxury real estate has seen a very strong demand in virtually every housing market in the entire Bay Area. DC and Seattle are arguably more powerful than LA as well. Their down payment highly relies on the stock market, but once the stock market … ), and you can afford it comfortably, then do it. Cash out your 401(k) and IRA and buy, buy, buy! My buddy just lost another bid in Glenn Park. Not confirmation, but anecdata: The median house price in June fell 3.2% to $1.37 million. I don’t agree with most of what you say but want to comment on one part. Office occupancy plunged by the most in Dallas. You sure they didn’t all move to Corona Del Mar when it was still a sleepy area? Really weird perspective. JZ, my opinion is if not NYC or LA, then ignore it. 7. Then, they bet that the mortgages would not be repaid. The Bay Area in Northern California is a popular place to live and a difficult place to leave.So the area’s epic housing crisis—driven by a lack of supply and sustained demand in this job-rich, coastal region —will likely continue to squeeze homeowners across the income spectrum out of the market for many years to come.. If the President get his way and weakens the dollar, Chinese repo rate just skyrocketed to % 1000. Unlike you like NUDE NUDES. So for each county, there is a median price. Home prices have gone so much especially for the starter homes (1000 – 1300 sq ft) which use to be 200-250k from 2009-2014 are now selling for 350 – 425k. On the same day the high could be 68 in SF, 80 in San Jose(Silicon Valley)and 90 in Walnut Creek(East Bay) Stalin wanted to know the approximate time of “the” collapse of capitalism. I wonder who’s buying all those expensive homes? But it’s only a bridge or a gorgeous ferry-ride away from San Francisco, and so it serves as bedroom community for San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area and ranks among the most expensive places in the Bay Area. And the (for me) Chilling “Chinese Reaction” to it from the Largest Chinese Portal for US Homes for Sale, Another UK Fund Just Slammed its Doors Shut on Investors →, https://wolfstreet.com/2019/04/14/whatll-happen-to-home-prices-in-silicon-valley-san-francisco-after-the-mega-ipos-last-two-times-we-got-a-housing-bust/, https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/07/19/BC-Housing-Starts-Blow-Past-Forecasts/, http://watsoninternationalorganization.com/the-value-of-the-dollar-and-how-it-affects-real-estate/, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._metropolitan_areas_by_GDP, “Exodus” in Full Swing: November Rents Swoon in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles… But Skyrocket in Other Cities, The State of the American Office: Suddenly Emptying Out Again Under the Second Wave, Vacancy Rate at Iconic Manhattan Tower with 899 Apartments Hits 26%: This Shows How Fast & Massive the Exodus Has Been, The State of American Restaurants, by City: The Catastrophe of the Second Wave, This Spike of New Businesses is a Doozie, on Several Levels. Those episodes were both followed by housing busts. I’m bullish on Boise for the long-term, though. 3% property tax is higher than land rental. https://investingmatters.co.za/the-top-25-metro-areas-make-up-half-of-us-gdp/, And FOMO and YOLO bay area culture cannot sustain both startup and house prices. This is the 21st century, Youtube matters more than Hollywood, everything LA is on the decline. The Bay Area sticks out like sore thumb: The Bay Area is vast: Nine counties spread around a series of bays, of which the “San Francisco Bay” is only one. I see inflation and migration steadily leveling the standard of living globally. You are stupid if you don’t leverage up on real estate The fed will not have the tools nor the willpower to jump in for a more mild correction. Prices /median incomes are by far the highest in the country in SF Shenanigans Find out which housing markets will succumb to the downturn here. In SoCal I don’t see any slow down.. It’s still up YoY. 1Bed/1Bath available in 2BHK Apartment in Mira Mesa. So why don’t they buy these “distressed” real estate? Ignore it. Commercial Property All the chips won’t fall all at once. About half the people of California live down there. Extreme use of leverage. Immigration is warfare. Ask the people who are doubling up in a small bedroom sharing house with 4/5 more people complete stranger.. In short, not satisfied with just ripping off pension funds and gullible investors, the banksters decided to profit from betting that the gullible investors, whom they had defrauded, would lose their investments, which they knew were the financial equivalent of “toxic waste”! This data is volatile as you can see, so there will be ups and downs. It’s the first bust since the last one that ended in early 2012. Top reason Chinese buy here? Highways will go from horrendous to just plain unbelievable. Those durn pro-union socialists, anyway, they’ll be killing off our housing boom :-) Not. The low supply of available SF Bay Area housing is very affordable to more than enough potential buyers with plenty of room to increase. Properties in Tarrant county are moving quick. California Daydreamin’ In mid-2018, the 12-MMA had still surged at rates of over 20%: In San Francisco, the median house price has been extremely volatile over the past two years, even by San Francisco standards, dropping in January to $1.376 million and then spiking 28% in six months to $1.76 million in June. Housing prices doubled there. RELATED: Building a Better Bay Area: The Housing Shift According to an ABC7 data analysis of real estate data, there are 147 luxury condos on the market … 5. I checked the zip for the part of Silicon Valley I moved away from in 2016. It is courageous to spend all of your income, plus the income you haven’t earned yet. Sure the weather is nice and may add to the desirability, but that does not pay the bills. Oh, ZipVan is good for smaller loads too. Housing starts are UP! I expect bad mojo for your RE empire…. The 12-MMA has been flat for eight months in a row: In Alameda County, where Oakland and Berkeley are, the median house price has also been exceptionally volatile over the past two years. And the results from those IPO billionaires and millionaires are trickling in. The BART transportation system is a mess with flighty cars and rampart crime. Property taxes are 2.5-3% of value in most areas, so your carrying costs are escalating with the value of your home, even if you stay put, far outstripping any income growth. Also, in San Diego, everyone is able to afford a million dollar home although median income is paltry in comparison. That requires maintaining a level of compensation for labor that cannot be too far off from the increase in property values. I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, Canadian real estate is also in for a big climb. Credit Bubble We may see drops but we return stronger consistently. The GDP from Southern California is much larger than the GDP from Northern California. The artists took over all the empty industrial spaces, then the cool but broke people followed, then the developers showed up. The north bay has some interesting dynamics. The adjacent beaches such as Half Moon Bay can be breathtaking , but the ocean water is cold as hell. Absolute bargains are found in less desirable locations too but those sell to speculators, not the ones leaving the country but just moving currency. They buy up land from their cronies at unbelievable prices and build mixed use developments. So next is who is holding all the bad paper? There is barely any continental european university in the top 50 world rating of best schools. Published on 6/9/2020 San Francisco Bay Area real estate was in a bubble that deflated by 11.5% in 2018. But below 2M, and especially below 1.25M is strong in coastal zips, as well as on the west side of LA. In San Francisco, where it had already been rock-bottom, it dipped into the single digits. If the economy holds up and people have jobs, in the end what matters is that housing is affordable for incomes in that market. Affordable places are affordable for a reason. Should I just wait and keep on saving? In addition, if interest rate goes up and the Bond bubble burst too at the high time, watch out below. Natural paradise. Californians saved themselves with prop 13. Ed, the power is in the money. But new businesses with planned wages have been getting scarcer since 2007. This has resulted in units costing $700,000-1m. I opine that is why the Republicans are terrified of Elizabeth Warren, because she appears to be honest, willing to fight them, and knowledgeable about their frauds. Bought by Unicorn Developer for $5 M. New CA Property tax rate above $50,000 / yr. This time-honored real-estate hype about IPO millionaires was proven wrong during the last two tech-bubble peaks. Where are the new buyers going to come from? Inflation & Devaluation Traffic is unbelievable during rush hours in the Bay Area. Right now homes are I think as expensive as they’ll get for quite a while in terms of real value. So I look up populations. Good luck. Transportation Let’s see how long it lasts. Prices follow inventory, with a lag. Jim is living in the wrong century. If major US cities like Boston and NYC can have trains run more than once per hour (some as regularly as every 5 minutes), you’d think the bay area could. However, things picked back up in 2019, and after the lockdowns end, the spring 2020 buying season is simply going to shift to the summer. Can’t be long before the entire market gets hit. “Bubble Watch” digs into trends that may indicate economic and/or housing market troubles ahead. Moreover, if the banksters knew about all of these problems (and of course they would) Rule 10b(5) can be used to prosecute them. The Chinese, Russians, and others accumulating a lot of gold will make the FED irrelevant pretty darn soon hopefully anyway. Look for a crash in real estate in markets where Chinese have been buying property for cash(SF,LA,NYC,MIA,SEA,,VAN,BOS,TOR), hmmmm. COVID-19 - spring housing market crash in Bay Area. The official “housing starts” may not be reliable. Sydney, Australia made a top ten list of global housing bubble cities a couple of years ago. Bay Area Real Estate will have less impact as the majority of the workforce is in the technology sector. 2019 is seeing the start of the repeat (2018 in Oz) of history in many major capitals. That seems mathematically impossible. Remittances make up a SIGNIFICANT parts of many emerging economies in Africa and Asia. Here are some real examples of people soliciting room mates in San Diego. Some observations from someone who just moved into the Bay Area The Super Ultra Dove Deluxes at the Fed are calling for .50% rate cut and NIRP because its the Feds job to prevent an earnings recession and make stock prices go up and we all know the Fed bases it’s policies on stock market performance. However, things picked back up in 2019, and after the lockdowns end, the spring 2020 buying season is simply going to shift to the summer. Europe’s Dilemmas Also rising HOA fees adversely affect value, as my late mother learned the hard way. People can file permits all they want. I have not studied the markets on your list. I’m not sure that the GDP of the Bay Area is larger than the LA area. And try to forget how bad the game has gotten due to the Fed. Really, who doesn’t like pizza? The market in Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda has staged a remarkable rebound from the initial shelter-in-place plunge in activity, and continues to rank as one of the strongest markets in the Bay Area. I have noticed in the Midwest a lot of Vinyards popping up. I live on Sarasota Bay today and I’m on the waters edge if 4 floors up. Went to Seattle yesterday could hardly wait to leave, which makes me very sad, but its only going to get worse. Looks like condos/townhomes currently down to early 2016 levels. All of the above graphs show steady upward movement if averaged out. It was a long slow downward grind, until mid-2007 when the bubble really popped. 1) You are stupid to hold cash Once the Tech 2.0 bubble pops and these companies start laying off workers, this is when the fun starts (NOTE: I work in tech Santa Clara area). What does around comes around. Investors are exiting the market and the economy is chugging along at near capacity. As far as per capita, who cares. A few months after the downturn in CA, you will see the flood of people from there to other states slow to a trickle. Read… Nothing is different this time. Three of them are fairly reasonable, but King County roads department does not want anybody putting pipes into their dirt, and it took them over six months to decide that “You Are Not Worthy”. The loss of uhaul is something that happens ever year for the past 8-10years during the fall. Just because a handful of tech companies are overvalued from central bank money printing does not mean GDP is being produced. In SoCal, we also have OC, SD, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernadino. People are massively striking out on their own. The government should recover such transfers to the bankster control groups from such insolvent banks, because legally they are fraudulent transfers. Netflix is even in the Bay Area and the GDP of the bay area is higher than the LA area. “Which,” said James, “is a very strong number.”. I think housing is going to trend in a small range up and down with the general direction up as other prices catch up to the current money printing. Despite the ongoing health and economic crisis precipitated by COVID-19, the SF Bay Area real estate market made a large recovery from the steep declines in March and April. Key is to find one in good area. Because they believe there is more room to drop. Condo +5.4% ($575,000), Central Valley: SFH +4.7% ($340,250). This is just the first innings of bubble bust 2.0. Transportation You could basically buy a home in 2016 for same price as in 2006. Hard to imagine why, with a lovely anklebiter like you pointlessly bringing him up any time Wolf posts something on RE. Scoffed that the piece of land their emperor’s palace stood on was worth more than the whole of California, as I remember. Life moves pretty quickly. If there is any doubt, more 7 figure homes are sold in Southern California than Northern California. This is no longer the case in the Bay Area, so high prices are tamping down on demand. Condos are generally the last to appreciate and the first to fall. Oh 2banana you’re so full of it … everyone knows we can all get rich by delivering each other pizzas. This will be the story of our post-global world for the next fifty years where economies in Africa and Asia will have sustained 5-10% economic growth. IMHO still too early to call it a price downturn. That’s longer than one term in office. Indeed, probably not a real boom in Napa of any sort. It’s just that I can’t stop laughing when some politician yaks about the shortage of Affordable Housing. A China report revealed rapid M2 money supply growth. There are four agencies who have their hand out for a permit. Spikes in Sonoma and Napa counties probably due in part to the insurance money (rent allowance) running out, so those whose house burned down finally had to buy. Hope your move goes well. See our Privacy Policy, Housing Bubble 2 Lost its Mojo in the San Francisco Bay Area: House Prices Drop 8%, Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Wolf Street Corp. All Rights Reserved. Seattle has become so crazy expensive, that Tacoma and other surrounding cities, Snohomish county, are getting the buyers creating more bidding wars in towns with blue collar workers and service industry workers and more nightmare traffic. Then spring buying season kicked in, and in June, the median price reached $1.76 million, up 8.8% from June last year, but up only 1.7% from the prior record in February 2018. The banksters sold securitized mortgages (secured by mortgages on homes that the purchasers could not afford to repay, which only the banksters were in a position to know) to gullible investors, which their cronies in credit rating agencies had rated AAA.

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