how to get live youtube and facebook on mobile and pc and grow your platform

how to get live youtube and facebook on mobile and pc and grow your platform

Free YT SEo Tools

OBS STUDIO Open Broadcaster Software

OBS STUDIO Open Broadcaster Software


Obs Studio is a online software which is help to you start live streaming on YouTube and also any online platform. If you want to run live streaming on YouTube like PUBG Game which is trending in that is best software for you. That is not only use for live is also use for Desktop Recording if you want to record a video for your YouTube channel and also if you want to record tutorial videos for subscriber and viewers you can use this software. And secondly you can use this software for 1)Live Chat Scene 2)Scrolling Text 3)Chroma Key 4) Camera Capture.


First of all we are talk about  Camera Capture that is also like a live streaming for Camera Capture you need to install this software on your software. That is also available in every window and apple system that why you have face no problem to install it.first of all go to google or any browser which is used. Search Obs Studio here and downlead it and go to settings here first of all you have to see theme settings that is provide two types of theme which black or white so select theme which is you want. And second thing is language that software also provide different language like English, Hindi or urdu select one you want. And next thing that is you have to see than is streaming so if you want to run any streaming click on it and start. And here we are talk how to run this streaming so for example we are want to run live pubg game on YouTube. You need to select streaming. Open it and first of all you have to see Types of Streaming here Obs provide to types of streaming 1)Streaming Service 2)Custom Streaming Server. Chose first option which is Streaming Servise.and next option is Service mean which kind of Streaming you want run here Obs provide many chose YouTube/YouTube gaming here .next option is about server chose Primary YouTube Ingest Server thing you have to see that is stream key which is to important for any online streaming so how can you find this streaming key lets talk about for that you have to go on YouTube>go to your YouTube channel dashboard and click on three dote here click on creator studio here and on left hand you have to see live streaming go down page and see here for stream key and can find it.after find it you have to see Revel option here click on it and you have a stream copy it and paste it on Obs Studio. And know you have to start your live streaming. How To earn Money On Whats app

Screen Recorder – XRecorder

‚óŹ Capture screen to take a clear¬†Screenshot
‚óŹ Record¬†Gameplay¬†on your phone
‚󏬆Internal audio recording¬†without noise (ONLY Android 10 or above)
‚óŹ YouTube & RTMP Live stream: be a gaming streamer to gain fun and popularity
‚󏬆Facecam: express reactions freely with multiple camera switch
‚󏬆Brush Tools: draw on the screen to make your screen capture extra special
‚󏬆Video Editor: trim,¬†remove the middle part, add music¬†and speed control
‚óŹ Maximum¬†120 FPS¬†recording support to enjoy the ultimate visual experience
‚óŹ Export¬†Full HD¬†video with custom settings:¬†240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps

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