Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6


       Adobe is an American multi-national and computer software company. The founder of this company is Mr. Johan Warnock and Charles gesh. They started in December 1982. They buy the software lenience of this software form Mr. Thomas and john knoll in September 1989. It was previously named ImagePro, but this name was already registered. So, they why it was named as photoshop. The first version of photoshop 1.0 was released on 19 February 1990. Now the latest version is adobe PhotoshopCC 2020.

Why they needed to make it:

      In the past time last version of photoshop, has less features in it. And the size of this hardware was only 20 mb. It was fulfilling all the requirements when it came to making software. but over time, that is likely to change.

New updates:

In Photoshop CS6 they improve a crop tool. Because in the past version this tool is not working well. The add the blur tool in CS6 because It was not used before. It was a new idea. In this version, they also add video editing. They improve the brush tool like opacity hardness and softness. In the previous version, photoshop has not included the options for background saving Separately.

After the success of photoshop, adobe company introduces a lot of software for designing. There is a long list of products. I will tell you about some of them, which are very popular and are also being used a lot.

  1. Photoshop lightroom
  2. In design
  3. Illustrator
  4. After effect
  5. Premiere Pro
  6. Character animation

Photoshop lightroom:

      After the Photoshop software, the adobe company introduces photoshop lightroom. Photoshop software cannot adjust the lighting effect. Because it wasn’t doing well with Photoshop. That’s why Adobe made it a separate department. As both software work on a raster base, they also support each other’s files. Its main function is only to make lighting adjustments.

In design:

       This software is not used as Photoshop but liter a bit different. Almost 70% match with Photoshop. The main usage of this software is for desktop publishing. This software is providing many extra features for desktop publishing. We can also design in photoshop, but InDesign is the best choice for design multipage documents. It is not widely used in Pakistan, but it is widely used outside Pakistan.


       Illustrator is the best software for vector designing. Now illustrator is used on an international level for graphic designing. The interface of illustrator, photoshop, and InDesign is similar. There is a long list of software that can be used for vector designing, but illustrator is 3 most used software in the world.

After effect:

       After effect is the most interesting software of adobe company. Mostly this software is used to apply the digital visual effect, motion graphics, and compositing. You can say that, mostly usage of this software in VFX and films. After effect is also used for animation.

Premiere Pro:

       Premiere Pro is a video editing software. This software is officially used for TV commercials, serials, and also YouTube videos. in order to edit professionally, 95% of people use this software in Pakistan and 5% of people are using other software like Filmora and Camtasia etc.

Character animation:

       Character animation is a new software that has made the work of animation very easy. You just have to create an object and record your action or motion by using a camera, this software will automatically copy your motion any apply to your character.

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