how to create free a thumbnail on mobile

how to create free a thumbnail on mobile

hello, as you know that thumbnail is more important more than video. Because all views come from thumbnails only. That’s why it’s more important to make your thumbnail good and attractive than it is to make a video. So that your views are maximized. There was a time when we use photoshop to create a thumbnail, but know you can make a thumbnail on your phone.

There is a long list of mobile apps, but the most used mobile apps are Thumbnail Maker and PixelLab-Tax on Picture. Today I’ll tell you about PixelLab-Tax on Picture.

You can say that PixelLab-Tax on Picture is a mobile photoshop. You can perform everything in photoshop in this app. This app is available on google play store.

Today I’ll be told you how to use it and make a thumbnail. Just go to Play Store and install it. After the installation, you have to open it. As you open it this window will appear.

If you want to change the background you can change from the right-hand side.

You need a special size for your thumbnail. In order to change the size, click the three dots and select image size.

Then you can enter manual size for your thumbnail.

If you want to add an image form your gallery clicks on the plus icon and click on “From Gallery”. Just select your image. Your image will be opened in-app. This image will open in a new layer. it means that you can easily edit any time.

After selecting the image, you can crop and rotate the image.

On the left side, you can lock, left rotate, right rotate. You can choose some presets from the right side.

Now you have to add text in the image for the thumbnail. In order to add text, click on the A icon.

After clicking on A icon you will see all properties of the text menu.

You can also add shadow reflection. In this menu, you can make and rotate text 2d and 3d. there are pre-default styles for text in this app. If you want to apply per-default styles you can check the Styles menu. Click on edit tool, if you will use this tool then you will be able to edit text.

You can set blur radius and outer glow, look like Photoshop. You also make a drop shadow of any object or text. You can also rotate the text or object at 360 angles. you can make text Bold, Italic, and underline. There is an advanced option for color and gradient. There are many more options. But I have only mentioned the ones that were most important.

Now how to export?

This app will provide to export in many types, like JPG, PNG, etc. when you click export then your image will be saved in gallery.

I hope you will be understanding the app well and now you are able to make a thumbnail, and you are also able to edit images. If you have any question you can comment on me.

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