How to earn money from daraz online store

How  to earn money from daraz online store

  Do you want to grow your business? But even after working day and night, you are not able to grow your business. Now you have a good opportunity to grow your business. You can sell your business in Pakistan. If you are thinking to start your own business and want to earn more money you can earn money form the DARAZ online store, even if you don’t have any product then you can earn money.

Is that possible to earn money form DARAZ:

     Yes, you can definitely earn money for DARAZ. Thousands of people are earning millions of rupees a month. It depends on how hard you work on it. The harder you work, the more you can earn.

Two different methods:

      There are two different methods for earning for DARAZ online store. The first method is called Affiliate Marketing. And the second way is to upload your products to sell them. You can also buy products from china and sell them on Daraz online store. Now I will discuss both methods with you.

How to sale their own product on daraz:

       If you have your own produces and you want to extend your business. You can sell your products at this online shopping store. In order to sell your product, you should have a seller account. Because two types of accounts are created on it, an account is for purchase only and the second product is for sale the product.

How to create your account for sale product:

       Sale account is little bit different account, and you have to perform some extra steps. Most important thing is that you should have your own mobile number, bank account and your nation ID card images of both sides. You should have any image of your cash of your cash book, because it is very important for verification.

Let’s get started to create an account.
just go to At the top of the page, you will be seen an option of sell on daraz. Then click start selling. Check the following images

Now choose any one option from these 4 options.

After selecting an option for the above image. Now you will be asked for your number. The image is given below.

Make sure you have to select the individual option. Then enter your mobile number. Then slide the bar from the lift to the right side. As you slide the bar some more options will be shown.

Enter your mobile verification code and set s strong password. And click on sign up.

Now a new window of address book will appear.

Fill warehouse address and business address. Then click submit.

Now click verify ID Information

Now you should have to verify your id information. Then click submit.

The last option is to verify your bank information. Then your account will be ready to upload products.

Just fill in the bank information and submit. Now your account is read.

How to buy daraz packaging material

       Firstly, you have to login to your sealer account and search you will see all products of daraz packaging material. You can buy all your needed materials easily for your packaging.

How to upload your products:

      You can check the following link

Second Step:

       The second step is Affiliate Marketing. Did you know that what is Affiliate Marketing? In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based, in which You promote and sell someone else’s product, and you will get money on percentage.

This option is off right known. Maybe this option is unavailable due to updates. But it is hoped that this option will be available soon. If you have any question you can comment me.


Is that possible to earn money for daraz

Two different methods for earning money form daraz


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